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Apple Just Killed My Best Feature

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

I don’t expect anyone to shed a tear for me. It happens all the time. Apple comes out with a new version of Max OS X or iOS, and they add something that copies (and often improves) a feature previously only available through 3rd party software.

In my case, Apple isn’t copying anything, and they’re not adding anything that hurts me. Nor are they making a change to either of their OSes that impacts me.

No, Apple is discontinuing iDisk. And with that, ends Giftory’s ability to let users post a Wish List to their iDisk Public Folder and let other Giftory and GiftoryWLR (iOS) users read it from anywhere else in the world.

Hopefully something in iCloud will turn out to be a useful replacement. My fingers are crossed.

Maybe this will be the impetus for me to come up with a shared Wish List solution that will be compatible across the Mac AND Windows versions of Giftory, the iOS Giftory Wish List Reader, AND the upcoming iPad version of Giftory. Guess I’ll have to look at this as an “opportunity”. :)